Community Relations, Planning & Development


  • 4:30 pm
  • 4th Monday of every month via Zoom.

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The Community Relations, Planning, and Development Committee shall have as its general purpose the development of policies and proposals concerning the preservation and improvement of the vitality and quality of life of the Borough of Emmaus. The Committee shall be responsible for developing and maintaining relationships between the Borough and the business community, non-profit organizations, school organizations, and any other entities affecting the Borough.

Oversight of Boards & Commissions

Interfacing with the Emmaus Planning Commission, the Committee will be responsible for the creation and implementation of long-range planning for the community as a whole. The Committee shall also serve as the Council liaison to review plans referred by the Emmaus Planning Commission as well as those from neighboring communities, in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan.

The Committee shall work with the Borough Manager, department heads, and representatives from the community in order to prioritize special projects and grants, reporting to Council those projects which meet its established criteria. The Committee shall also act as a liaison in assisting with recruiting, retaining, and assisting Borough businesses and economic organizations in applying for state and federal funding to assist their business operations. The Committee shall periodically meet with economic development and business groups throughout the Borough of Emmaus, as well as members of the Emmaus Planning Commission, to review the Comprehensive Plan of the Borough of Emmaus and to plan for the future development of the Borough.

The Committee shall assist and oversee grants applications and grant management for development projects, including but not limited to tree grants, CDBG grants, 3rd party grants, façade grants, streetscape grants, and other development grants. The Committee shall oversee and serve as the Borough Council liaison for events including but not limited to Flag Day, Memorial Day Parade, Halloween Parade, races, and any events on Borough properties not otherwise in conflict with §405 of this Part.

The Committee shall also have oversight of the Shade Tree Commission as well as the community-wide functions of the Arts Commission. The Committee shall work with department heads and businesses, and shall serve as the Council liaison for municipal development projects as well as large construction and development projects in the community.