Parks & Recreation


  • 4:45 pm
  • 3rd Thursday of every month via Zoom

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This Committee shall provide oversight and guidance to the responsibility of all grounds and buildings used for public recreational purposes and shall require all apparatus and recreational facilities of whatever character to be used, managed and maintained in accordance with the requirements of public safety and recreation. The Borough recreation program shall be under the jurisdiction of this Committee and shall also coordinate other recreational programs having use of the Borough facilities. The Emmaus Public Library building shall remain under supervision of the Board of Directors of the Emmaus Public Library.

The Parks and Recreation Committee shall have oversight and guidance in conjunction with the Public Works Director of the pool manager and pool-related personnel including, but not limited to, lifeguards, clerks, and other personnel. This Committee shall also provide oversight and guidance of all concession stand operations.

Oversight of Boards & Commissions

This Committee shall have further oversight in interviewing and recommending for appointment members of the following commissions, boards, and authorities:

  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Recreation and Entertainment Commission

This Committee shall act as the liaison between Borough Council and the commissions, boards, and authorities listed above.