Code of Ordinances

E360 Code

The Borough has contracted General Code to provide citizens with an easier way to access our Borough Code. The E360 Code allows you to enter a certain word and it will provide every part of our Borough Code with that word in it. The program allows us to access the relevant information you are seeking in a much quicker and more efficient manner. The program only stores the ordinances that have been codified and is usually about one to two years behind on current ordinances, therefore, we recommend that you check with Borough Hall if you are researching a more recent Ordinance.

View the Borough’s Code of Ordinances - Find our complete book of Ordinances on the General Code-ecode platform.  Ordinances are added yearly to the ecode site.  Please reach out to the Borough office for copies of more recently passed Ordinances. 

View the Zoning Ordinance - The Zoning Ordinance helps to manage development throughout the Borough. 

View Code Enforcement - The Code Enforcement aspect of the Code of Ordinances pertains to the preservation of quality of life and helps to enforce the property maintenance requirements within the Borough. 


The electronic version of the Borough of Emmaus Code of Ordinances is not the document of issue, and the Borough of Emmaus’ printed and published Code remains the primary source and document of issue for any purpose. In the event of a conflict between the electronic version of the Code of Ordinances and the official printed Borough of Emmaus Code of Ordinances, the official printed Code of Ordinances shall govern. Copies of the official Borough of Emmaus Code of Ordinances may be purchased from the Borough. The user is advised that there may be amendments to the Code of Ordinances that have been enacted after the last revision date of the electronic version of the Code of Ordinances. If you have any questions about any ordinance, please contact the Borough Manager.

General Code makes no warranty, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the electronic version of the Code of Ordinances or the capability of the electronic version of the Code of Ordinances, and all liability with respect thereto is expressly disclaimed. The service and system is furnished by General Code on an “as is,” available basis. All warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are expressly disclaimed. No representation or demonstration shall constitute a warranty of the electronic version of the Code of Ordinances unless expressly incorporated into an agreement between the parties.