Health, Sanitation & Codes


  • 4:45 pm
  • Last Wednesday of every month via Zoom

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11/29/2023 Agenda 



The Health Sanitation, and Codes Enforcement Committee shall provide oversight and guidance over solid waste collection in the Borough, although said supervision, in whole or in part, may be delegated to the Borough of Health, the Borough Manager, or another appointed official of the Borough of Emmaus. This Committee shall also provide oversight and guidance over all curbside recycling programs and the yard waste site. All liaisons between the Borough Council and the Board of Health shall be handled by this Committee.

This Committee shall provide oversight and guidance of the operations of the Codes Enforcement and Zoning Department and shall provide guidance to the Zoning Officer in matters needing Council attention, including but not limited to identifying and remedying derelict properties, property maintenance, fire inspector, recommendations to Borough Council for Zoning and Planning Ordinance amendments, and other matters relating to the department.

Oversight of Boards & Commissions

This Committee shall have further oversight in interviewing and recommending for appointment members of the following commissions, boards, and authorities:

  • Building Board of Appeals
  • Planning Commission
  • Zoning Hearing Board
  • Board of Health
  • Joint Environmental Advisory Council

This Committee shall act as the liaison between Borough Council and the commissions, boards, and authorities listed above.

Oversight of Hiring Positions

This Committee shall have further oversight in conducting initial interviews and narrowing the list of eligible candidates for the position of Codes Enforcement/Zoning Officer, Fire Inspector, and Weed / Snow Enforcement Officer. The Committee shall refer to the narrowed list to be interviewed by the entire Borough Council. In regards to hiring part-time employees, the Borough Manager and Department Manager shall conduct all interviews and refer to Council for the appointment of all part-time and seasonal employees.