Volunteer Firemen

The Department is always looking for volunteers. We provide training in fire prevention, rescue specialties, photography, fire police, forestry firefighter, fire investigation, hazmat response. Members receive a complete set of protective equipment, a pager, and a free physical exam. Emergency vehicle training is also available.

Active Firefighters


Requirements for becoming a Fire Fighter in the Department are:

  • Senior members must be 18 or older
  • Junior members must be between the ages of 16 to 18 years.
  • You must satisfactorily complete the fire suppression training standards as set forth by the State of Pennsylvania
  • You must be trained on the equipment within our Fire Department.
  • You must complete and pass the Department's physical provided free of charge by Lehigh Valley Hospital Network.
  • You must complete a Hazardous Materials Operational training course.
  • You must complete Federal training on Incident Command IS 100 and IS 700
  • The department's function is not only to suppress fires but to try to prevent the fire before it gets a chance to start. The department operation is conducted by its own officers, drivers, and firefighters with the Mayor being the Chief Official followed by the Fire Chief.

The department also is involved in many other public service details, such as floods, snow emergencies, terrorism, etc.

The Fire Department has practice sessions every Tuesday evening at 7 pm.

Emmaus Fire Police

Not all of us can be firefighters handling a fire nozzle at a fire, or driving a shiny red fire truck to the scene of a fire. Someone has to make the way clear for the fire truck and keep the cars and people away from around the scene of the emergency so that the firefighters can save maybe your property or your neighbor’s property or business.

We are looking for people who would like to join us in our job of relieving the regular police force of traffic duty at these fires and emergencies so that they can protect the rest of the community.

The Emmaus Fire Police is a group of people who attend practice sessions on Tuesday evenings, go through traffic and people control training, and other schooling.


To become an Active Fire Police Officer you must:

  • Complete a Basic Fire Police Training course
  • Pass the Department’s physical provided free of charge by Lehigh Valley Hospital Health- works
  • Complete a Hazardous Materials Awareness Course for Fire Police
  • You must complete Federal training on Incident Command IS 100 and IS 700

Contact Us

Please contact the Department at 610-967-1190 or 610-967-5630 to discuss opportunities with the Emmaus Fire Department. We are proud to protect you, your family, and your property.