Piles of Dirt and Mulch at the Compost SiteComposting / Alternative Yard Management Practices

The Borough is very pleased to have the resources of the Emmaus Compost Center located on Klines Lane. The site serves the public for its yard waste as well as providing compost and wood mulch for their yards. The Borough permits residents to bring their yard clippings, branches, and small shrubs to be deposited at the compost center, as well as allowing residents to take home screened compost and wood mulch.

Compost Site Hours (Closed in Observance of Holidays:  4/7, 5/29, 9/4, 11/10, and 11/24).  The  Compost Site will be open from March 22, 2023 through December 2, 2023 on the following dates and times: 

  • Monday and Friday
    7:30 am until 2:30 pm
    (No Loading)
  • Wednesday
    7:30 am until 7:30 pm
    (No Loading)
  • Saturday
    8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. 
    (Loading until 3:30 p.m.)

The Compost Site only accepts organic yard waste. No lumber, root balls with dirt, garbage, dirt, building materials, etc., is allowed. Unscreened compost, wood chip mulch, and screened compost is available for a loading fee of $25 per scoop or partial scoop. Only pick-ups or small trailers will be loaded.

Please have your Driver's License or Picture ID available upon request from the attendant. There will be no admittance without proper identification.

Curbside Yard Waste Pickup

Yard waste pick-up is available through the Emmaus Public Works Department.

Yard waste will be collected by Public Works personnel on Mondays except holidays. Yard waste will be picked up Tuesday following the holiday. Yard waste must be placed at the curb in approved yard waste bags, which can be purchased at most hardware stores. There is a 5 bag, 50 lb. limit.  More than 5 bags will not be collected.  The Borough encourages anyone with large quantities of bags to utilize our Compost Site located on Klines Lane. 

Yard waste is limited to organic biodegradable materials such as grass, leaves, hedge trimmings, leafy plants, and small sticks and twigs. Please separate grass, twigs, and hedge trimmings into different bags. Bags contaminated with stones, trash, mulch, or dirt will not be collected. Material not separated properly will not be collected. 

Email the Borough or call 610-965-9288 to have your bags collected.