Water / Public Works


The Emmaus Borough Water Department provides water service to 4,599 customers in Emmaus Borough with a system-wide average daily demand of 1.27 million gallons. The department also provides wastewater and public works services.


The Emmaus Water Department is operated as a branch of the Borough’s Public Works Department, which employs a total of 18 full-time employees, 1 part-time employee and an administrative staff of 3.

Water Sources in Emmaus

The first water system in the Borough of Emmaus was established in 1871, being a series of pipes connecting springs located on South Mountain that distributed water to customers via small-diameter distribution piping. In 1927, two wells were drilled at the site of the exiting “Main Pumping Station” location at Klines Lane and Minor Street. In subsequent years, the spring connections were abandoned, other wells were drilled, and a series of water mains were installed to create the current system.

Today, the Borough’s water sources rely solely on groundwater. The Borough pumps all of its water from six deep wells located at various locations in and around the Borough. The groundwater is treated by two methods:

  1. The water from certain wells is treated by an aeration process to remove volatile organic chemical contaminants.
  2. Chlorine is added to the water supply at all individual well locations for the purpose of destroying and safeguarding against the growth of any pathogenic organisms.

Improvement Projects

The Emmaus Borough Water Department is constantly striving to provide high-quality drinking water and an adequate supply that meets all regulatory requirements. Past projects have included the upgrading of five of the Borough’s six wells, the most recent upgrade being completed in June of 2019. 

Public Works Crew Repaving a Segment of Road