Report a Crime

The crime problem in our nation is both costly and demoralizing. Directly or indirectly, we are all affected by crime that has caused injury, financial loss, and intimidation. These situations demonstrate the need for community involvement and assistance in crime prevention, reporting, and efforts in the Borough of Emmaus.

CHEC-MATE (Citizens Helping Eliminate Crime)

CHEC-MATE is a confidential way of reporting crime to help make your neighborhood safer for you and your family! CHEC-MATE was designed to provide residents with a way of calling the police anonymously to report suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.  Any resident can request a CHEC-MATE identification number by downloading the CHEC-MATE Application (PDF), filling it out, and mailing it back to the Emmaus Police Department.

You will receive a CHEC-MATE card with an identification number that is specific to you. When you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 610-437-5252 and provide only your CHEC-MATE number.